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Year Description Pre Base Suffix Cond. Price Qty. Orl Mustang ID Date ID
1967Steering Wheel Collar, Deluxe (Upper)C70Z3656ANOS$65.002S6/9/20201151
1966Center cap (Shelby) with hardware, missing decalS2MS1130BNOS$19.0012002 007 0306/9/20201149
1963Wheel Cylinder Repair Kit 1 1/8 inches diaC30Z2221BNOS$6.002XX6/9/20201148
1963Wheel Cylinder Repair Kit 29/32 inches DiaC30Z2128BNOS$5.002XX6/9/20201146
1967Idler (Parking Brake Cable Idler)C7ZZ2A808ANOS$6.001JM/XX6/9/20201147
1968Liquid Tire Chain Traction ImproverC8AZ19C544ANOS$5.001JM/XX6/9/20201145
1965Wheel Hub Center cap (red center)C5ZZ1130WNOS$34.001NC/XX6/9/20201144
1965Spare Tire Hold DownC5AZ1448DNOS$11.001BC/XX6/9/20201143
1961Oil Filter (Autolite)C1AZ6731ANOS$150.001JM/XX6/9/20201142
1965Brake Pedal Pad (Service Part)C5ZZ2457FNOS$19.001JJ/XX6/9/20201141
1967Steering Wheel Collar, Deluxe (Lower)C70Z3491ANEW$65.002S6/9/20201140
1962Power Steering Valve KitC2AZ3A533ANOS$19.0012014 006 0026/9/20201139

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